Cannabis Business Intelligence To Drive Your Profits

Dispensary 365 is the cannabis business intelligence solution for dispensary operators. It provides actionable insights and automates tasks so you can grow your cannabis business smarter.

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Dispensary 365 Benefits

From blind spots to profits – Dispensary 365 – Cannabis Business Intelligence Turns Your Data into Actions.

AUTOMATION and Efficiency

Automate your manual data and reporting tasks to save time and money.

Boost efficiency and get your weekends and evenings back! 


Make data-driven decisions a breeze and grow sales and margins.

Tailor your assortment and increase sales.

Maximize ROI on promotions.

Take action on changing customer dynamics

Smarter Teamwork

Align your teams from Purchasing and Retail to Finance based on clean, consistent, and scalable data. Empower them to make your dispensary operations smarter.

Limited time introductory offer

Set up and 4 week trial for current Blaze Retail clients FREE ($1090 value). 

For operators using other POS systems, contact us for a custom quote.

cannabis business intelligence

Cannabis Business Intelligence Features

Sales Drivers

Focus on the key factors that drive your store performance up or down, and what can you do about them : pricing, visits, basket value, total store performance.

Assortment Optimization

Identify the SKUs that will maximize your category performance in each of your stores. Tailor your assortments to fit each store's customer needs.

Customer Dynamics

Identify your must-win customer and what categories, brands, and products they buy. Use insights about new and repeat customers to decrease churn, increase basket value and visits.

Pricing Power

Maximize margins and ROI. Plan promotions that will generate the most ROI for your store. Understand impact of all your promotions - BOGOs, TPRs, Daily Deals, etc. – over time. How much of your promo costs can you charge back to vendors and brands?


Avoid excess and low stock situations with better inventory visibility and alerting. Make more effective purchasing and allocation decisions to improve sales and optimize working capital.

Who is Dispensary 365 Cannabis Business Intelligence for?

Dispensary 365 enables busy Purchasing, Operations, Marketing, Retail, and Finance teams to work in sync and make better business decisions with speed and confidence.

Dispensary 365 is a plug-and-play cannabis business intelligence solution that equips dispensary operators with best-in-class analytics. Our clients get up and running in days with actionable insights and immediate cost and time savings from automation.

Let Dispensary 365 turn your data into insights while you get your evenings and weekends back!

cannabis business intelligence

Dispensary 365 FAQs

We provide more for your money. Our standard solution includes insights that other companies consider “premium” and charge $ thousands for including Customer, Assortment, Basket, and other subject areas.

We do not sell your data, aggregate your POS data together with other operators or create dirivative products like market insights, category or brand studies, etc.


Our mission is to help you get more value from the data you already have, regardless of who your data partners are: POS, Market Research, Marketing Agency, Data scraping, Geo-Demographic data, etc.

Dispensary 365 picks up where data and reports from POS systems leave off. Most POS vendors in cannabis have data downloads and some limited reporting. They look to data and analytics specialists like CAMP to help their clients get to the next level when it comes to insights and analytics data warehousing.

The key things we help operators do that they typically can’t do easily in their POS system:


  • Integrate and organize your POS data for performance management and decision-making over time
  • Integrate POS with third-party data for a comprehensive view of performance
  • Create derived attributes and performance measures for ranking, scoring, and assessment
  • Create cannabis-specific and category-specific attributes on top of POS data: 
  • Create custom aggregates and measures for non-additive measures 
  • Visualize performance across time and dimensions (store, category, brand, SKU, customer)
  • Do Ad Hoc analytics to answer specific questions: customer retention, profitability
  • Distribute reports securely via web, e-mail, mobile
  • Download and print insights in ready-to-use formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, G-Sheets
  • Blend POS data and external data sets on-the-fly 

Dispensary 365 is built for speed. For Blaze Retail clients our platform is “plug-and-play” and can be switched on with your data in a matter of hours after we receive your API key. 

Yes! Dispensary 365 currently supports the Blaze Retail API and can be configured to work for operators that use other POS systems in a matter of days. We’ve worked with data from other cannabis POS systems: Blaze is just the first we have formally partnered with. 

For more information, contact us at or use our contact form on the CAMP website. We’d love to hear from you about your cannabis business intelligence project.

Your subscription to Dispensary 365 includes the following: 


15 best practice views of your retail business, including performance scorecards, insights, trends, and in-depth Store, Category, Brand, SKU, Promo, Customer, and Basket analytics:

  • Weekly performance Scorecard
  • Total store performance drivers
  • Sales, Store, Category, Brand trends
  • Category/Brand/SKU Performance Drill
  • Brand Board
  • Product Board
  • Assortment Report Builder
  • Assortment & SKU performance and selection
  • Pricing & Promotions performance 
  • Customer snapshot and trends
  • Transaction and Basket snapshot and trends
  • Promo Credit & Invoicing 

Cannabis industry data model & attributes

Your data hosted in our secure cloud

  • Best-in-class cloud data management – Scalability with Big Query
  • 52-week rolling history
  • Weekly Updates from your POS

Best-in-Class BI Platform – Looker Studio

  • Web and mobile native insights
  • Share, download, and schedule reports 

Solution support and documentation

Monthly solution enhancements

  1. Yes! You can always change your subscription. Contact us at  to add more stores or cancel your subscription.

Yes! Please send us feedback: good/bad/ugly. We love to get your thoughts and suggestions about how to make Dispensary 365 better. Contact us at

Whether you use Blaze Retail or another POS system, Dispensary 365 clients will see last week’s business results refreshed within 24 hours. 


For instance, sales for the week ending Saturday Januar 27 will be refreshed and available in Dispensary 365 at the opening of business on Monday January 29th.

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Limited time introductory offer

Set up and 4 week trial for current Blaze Retail clients FREE ($1090 value). 

For operators using other POS systems, contact us for a custom quote.