Palomar Group is your on-demand Innovation Team

We field an on-demand team of innovation specialists for you so you can get your projects started with the right people, a positive growth attitude and excellent communication now.

Clients hire Palomar to do three things

Build A Solution

Build A Revenue Stream

Build An Innovation Team

Innovation can be hard!

Palomar Group’s unique consulting approach addresses the 4 key obstacles that get in the way of turning great ideas into excellent business solutions

Insufficient bandwidth and focus

Internal Engineering and IT teams are overwhelmed with core development projects and cannot be distracted with new innovation activities. Managerial time and effort is spread too thin.

Extreme time pressure

Technology is accelerating the pace of change and competitive pressure. You’re short on budget and time yet your partners and stakeholders expect short-term results.

Incomplete skills

Most innovation and AI solutions require a combination of highly specialized skills. Most companies lack these resources or can’t find them to execute on innovation initiatives on short notice.

Culture and mindset

Successful innovation and AI solution development requires a disciplined, startup mindset, methodologies and culture that embrace rapid change based on market feedback. Most companies do not have processes and incentives in place to support this culture.

Palomar Accelerates and Simplifies Your AI Solution
and innovation Efforts

AI solution and Innovation team on-demand. no recruiting required!

Your Palomar team will be made up of highly experienced AI solution specialists with a track record of delivering complex business solutions to clients like you across industries and geographies. We start by listening to you. Our job is not done until you are delighted with the result

Design, Build, Test, Evaluate. Repeat

Our approach keeps us and our clients focused on action, learning and building in small increments. With bi-weekly sprints, we’re able to incorporate market feedback from tests into our development efforts quickly. We provide facts so our clients can make wise investment decisions at every stage of solution development up to and after product launch.

A Transparent and collaborative process

We are big on communication so that you always know where your project stands and what’s next. We’ll integrate our team with yours as much or little as you wish. You’ll have visibility to your project through our collaboration platform at all times, supporting asynchronous execution and project management.

Low risk monthly subscription

We have bundled our services into a fixed fee monthly subscription service to reduce the risk and barriers to getting started with solution prototyping right now. We call this Palomar Teams. For clients that have specialized needs or require longer-term support, we also work on a custom project basis.


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