Palomar Group Is Your On-demand Innovation Team

We take ideas from your whiteboard and execute against those in an iterative development process to get new business solutions launched and adopted more quickly. Our multi-functional team approach ensures that we bring exactly the right mix of skills required to address your complex solution requirements. We’ve developed deep capabilities and expertise in core services and technologies required to deliver best-in-class AI solutions.

Palomar’s Approach to Iterative Development

In order to acheive both exceptional speed and accuracy in our work we deploy an iterative development methodology, perfected over many years and dozens of projects. Our process is centered on design, build, test and evaluation functions across mockup, prototype and MVP phases. Market feedback at every step enables our clients to accelerate, pause or change direction of a project at any stage.

Palomar Services

Innovation Strategy & Planning

Our practice leads will work with you to identify, evaluate and prioritize innovation and AI projects based on your business objectives, complexity, cost and expected business benefits. The result is a realistic action plan for immediate execution and a portfolio of projects for the future.

Product Development

Most of our clients need help finishing a product, ehnancing an existing solution or building a new one. We provide end-to-end product development services from requirements to test, launch and documentation. Our iterative development process reduces risk, accelerates cycles and improves outcomes.

Data Engineering & Management

Most successful AI solutions require clean, normalized and structured data, so Data Engineering is an especially strong area of expertise. We have proven techniques to wrangle data and add necessary intelligence to it. If data is not fit for purpose, we’ll be the first to let you know!

Decision Sciences

Palomar’s decision science expertise is recognized not just because we have excellent AI/ML programmers. It is because our decision scientists also understand how the results of our AI/ML solutions will be most broadly adopted by people and organizations.

Analytics and Reporting

Understanding the most intuitive way to get actionable insights into target user hands is our focus here. We let business needs and user requirements drive design, technology and delivery here – not the other way around. And many times the most simple approach is the most effective!.

Solution Support

When you need a team to provide long-term solution development and support. Our team will become an extension of your workload management or work autonomously with both off-shore and near-shore options.

Innovation Lab Standup

Tools and a team to make innovation a repeatable process, not just a one-time event. We’ll create an innovation function to help you manage a pipeline of innovations and continue delivering growth and differentiation into the future.

Solution Monetization

A sales, marketing and business development team to help launch your newly created solution in the market. A natural complement to our Product Development expertise to create rapid market traction.


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