Benefits of using Location Intelligence Data

Use C-LID to sync your internal and external systems, plan and prioritize sales activities, and synchronize supply chain and distribution activities.
With monthly C-LID updates you will be sending your sales staff and shipping your product to active locations and to the correct addresses, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

As a dispensary operator, you can trust C-LID to stay on top of rapidly changing retail landscape with intelligence about active, closed and new stores in their local market. You can integrate location data directly in your BI tools for marketing, sales and distribution planning and analysis.

MSOs use C-LID to identify and evaluate new store locations, expanding their brand’s reach into new key markets.

Distributors, Brands, Vendors and Suppliers use C-LID for forecasting, account planning, sales management and to ensure their staff are the first to be aware of new stores, address changes and changes of ownership.

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Key Features - CAMP Location Intelligence Data

Get the Full Picture

The most comprehensive data set with over 6,400 licensed cannabis dispensary locations to give you a complete picture of the following markets : California, Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Arizona, Alaska, and Oklahoma

Most Timely Data

Updated, validated and released monthly so that you're operating with the most accurate and timely dispensary intelligence available.

Most Complete Intelligence

35+ data fields including:

  • Dispensary address and contact info
  • Operating status
  • Type and class of dispensary
  • Chain name and Parent organization
  • License type, license status and Licensee contacts
  • Unique location ID
  • Contact information and Social Media account
Camp map of dispensaries