Specialists with the right skills and mindset

Palomar is a dynamic team of highly specialized problem solvers with over 100 years of combined experience in data, software, technology and AI across key industries and functions. Our passion for solving complex business problems unites us. We share a commitment to excellence in our work and building intelligent business solutions that get used and scaled up by our clients. That’s when we know we’ve succeeded!

About Palomar Group

Palomar Group is a boutique AI  consulting firm that develops and delivers intelligent software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our dynamic team of specialists brings experience in data engineering, software development, AI and machine learning, natural language processing and other technologies to bear on your business challenges. We earn the trust of clients with a relentless focus on execution and by bringing the best talent from around the globe. Solving such business problems efficiently ensures that we remain valued partners for our clients in the never-ending challenge of accelerating innovation.

We bring AI and intelligent solutions within reach not just for the largest and best funded clients, but for everybody else – including small and medium sized companies and divisions of larger companies with shorter timeframes, smaller budgets or lower tolerance for risk.

Nick Afonsky

Founder and Principal

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Shashi Godbole

Decision Sciences Lead

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Adi Asavaid

Lead Solution Architect

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Ray Harris

Analytics & Report Lead

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Vivek Vichare

Decision Scientist

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Santiago Ferrari

Program Management

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Juan Pablo Cosentino

IoT Strategist

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Andrea Lehr

Accounting and Operations

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Kevin Davis

Legal Counsel

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Francisco Battan

Sr. Python and RPA Developer

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We believe in the power of technology to simplify and enrich our professional and personal lives. AI is rapidly emerging as another type of software that is integrated into business and consumer solutions. It is becoming better understood and more broadly available, but it is not always the best fit for every client or project. We believe that our clients need to know when AI makes sense for their context, and to get recommendations from us on alternative or phased approaches where AI is not the best fit. 

Our Vision

Our team is united by a passion for solving complex business problems by applying advanced data analytic technologies. We believe that listening to our clients and getting to know their businesses in depth is critical.

  • Focusing on each client’s business model, technical capacity and specific business goals guides our recommendation in what approach best addresses their business problem. Sometimes an advanced AI solution is needed; sometimes an alternate or phased approach is a better fit.
  • Rapid prototyping and iterative development methodologies ensure that, whatever the agreed-upon approach, we deliver a solution that is practical and scalable.

Our History

We were conceived in 2019 as a virtual, global organization. The changing work practices forced by the Covid pandemic cemented our distributed, on demand, virtual organization, our company culture and the way we work. We harness collaborative platforms to form high-performance project teams with the best decision science, software development and business talent available – wherever they are located.

Our on-demand model helps us provide highly skilled development teams at a fraction of the cost and time required with traditional methods

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Global Network

As a distributed organization, Palomar has its main offices in the US with affiliates and partners present and available to serve clients around the world.

Palomar Group LLC
3627 Cumberland St. NW

Washington, DC 20008

Our Partners and CLIENTS

Our network of distinguised partners has been built over decades. It gives us global reach, deep functional expertise and timely access to a highly valued and growing talent pool. It enables us to deliver excellence on every client engagement from strategy to product development and on-going solution support.